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Artful Connections: Crafting Community Spirit in Othello

Celebrating Heritage, Culture, and Connection Through Public Art

“Brave New World”: A Sculptural Tribute to Hope and Resilience by Melissa Singh Cole

In the heart of our shared human journey lies the essence of “Brave New World,” a captivating sculpture by local artist Melissa Singh Cole that eloquently speaks to the universal experience of migration, the pursuit of new beginnings, and the enduring spirit of hope. This remarkable artwork, standing at an impressive 12–14 feet, serves as a poignant reminder of our collective quest for safety, opportunity, and a brighter future. 

Melissa Singh Cole

Melissa Singh Cole envisions extending the creative process to the community through workshops focused on crafting mosaic elements. These workshops aim to weave the individual stories and artistic expressions of neighborhood residents into the sculpture's very fabric, fostering a deep sense of community pride and ownership.

About the Artist


Exterior view of the building

In the dynamic vision of Swift, the essence of community place making is brought to the forefront, highlighting the significant role of public art in celebrating the unique character of the Othello neighborhood and fostering deeper connections among its residents.